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Amazon influencers you should follow right now!

Hey guys, these are three influencers that helped guide me my first years in the Nyc on what to get on amazon. These people aren’t always influencers, they are just people I enjoy watching and they give me an idea on what to keep my eyes out on the next time I am splurging.


Emma Jacquelyn:

I abolsutely love her, I’ve been following her on instagram even before I came to the US. For starters, she’s a petite just like me, and trust me its always difficult to find clothes that flatter a little body. In addition to that she always rates both target and amazon products.





Amazon finders:

These bloggers are three sisters who have literally anything you can think of, from home decor to winter essentials. What I love about them is that they dont only post one product, they complete the outfit or the home deco Inso and I feel that really helps me visualize.




Raven Elyse

This girl is amazing, she’s been a YouTube for quite some while and she always bring new things to the table, necessities I dont think I even needed but somehow end up to be the things I wear the most.

Tiktok; The thing that keeps us all up at night, Tiktok is taking a stepping up and sky rocketing sales because of TIktok made me to do it. If you want to buy something and need actual footage of how it works, tiktok helps






Mego on the go- another blogger who loves everything about amazon. She finds the greatest deals and brings them right to her blog, no need to go looking yourself







Fashion Jackson- I had the opportunity to talk to this sweet lady who started working in the corporate world before transition to blogging full time. If you are really into sophisticated, classic, timeless pieces you should definitely read her blog

A slice of style= This blogger from Utah pretty much talks about everything on her blog. From battling with infertility to her amazon favorites. She also has a Walmart favs section!! She has her amazon linked on all of her social medias to make it easier for you to browse. 






Julia and Hunter- Not only are they the epidemy of couple goals, but they also have a whole YouTube section on amazon for men and women.



tiktok  made me buy it: its not only a hashtag, its also a YouTube name. This YouTuber rounds up everything she finds on tiktok and gives a detailed review of all the products listed. She has a variety of items


Tiera Raee: For all my makeup fanatics out there, she is my go to person when I want to buy makeup on amazon. She goes step by step and reviews everything which is extremely helpful when buying makeup online



And thats a wrap, let us know which one is your favorite.



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