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Styling hoops: zoom/work/school edition

With the pandemic hitting and jobs becoming remote, most of us are in Skype attires, well I am for the most part. It really messes with your brain. I for one get too lazy to look presentable in the morning but I try my hardest and when I do, I think jewelry helps put everything together. Chunky hoops are in and have been in for a while now. The hoops I have linked and my absolute favorites are not too small nor too big, they’re the perfect size. 

Every morning when waking up for school, my eyes are so puffy which is quite normal after a good night’s sleep. But guys trust me these hoops make life so much better and make you look so put together when you’re a mess.

For all my gals that are remote the first way I style these Chucky hoops are with a neutral colored turtleneck( black, white, beige, white, nude). I wear them with my hair up so either a ponytail or a low bun with the front pieces of my hair out in order to draw out the attention from your face in the morning. 

If you go to the office or go to school then these chunky hoops are for you. They help elevate your look and give you that extra little gold touch. Pre-covid I used to wear these hoops everyday and would get tons of compliments. People would never believe they were 12 dollars on amazon because they are such good quality and they do not look cheap.

My college requires a business casual dress code, which is amazing because it gets you ready for the grown up life. But if you go to school with sweatpants and a hoodie this also helps elevate your look and gives it a more edgy/hipster look. 

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