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How to style a signet ring

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember my dad wearing an heirloom pinky ring and I remember always stealing it whenever he would put it down. I also used to wear my moms wedding band imagining what mine would look like. Like any girl I was fascinated with the world of jewelry especially rings. I believe that rings are as important as brushing your teeth in the morning. I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist but I like incorporating  one or two statement pieces that will completely suit my outfit. 

The ring I mentioned on my last post is one of my favorite rings to wear everyday. I have been wearing the ring ever since it was recommended by a friend who wore the same one. 

This ring is extremely easy to style due to the fact that it is gold plated and only has one star on it. It’s a ring that also helps elevate your look while staying chic and not having your nails done- (which happens to always be me because I never have time). 

When it comes to styling this ring, I usually wear it alone on my left hand and on my middle finger. You can wear it on any finger you want. I like to have to have a simple band on my index.

This ring comes in two different models, the one with the star and a simple one. You can mix and match. For example have the star one on the pinky and the other simple one on the middle/index finger of the other hand.

In all honesty, I love this ring but if you touch it with water or alcohol it tarnishes extremely quickly. I do believe its a good price for a ring, you just need to be very careful. If you want to buy something a bit more expensive but that resembles it, Mejuri has the same rings.  


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