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Spring essentials

With spring right around the corner, everyones looking on how they can up their sprint outfits, including myself. Do you get ones of these days where you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear? Yeah that’s me everyday. But I learned to plan my outfits, instead of throwing clothes together. And trust me, I used to change outfits one billion times, but I’m down to one million so that’s a stretch. I don’t know about you guys,  but on days I don’t have anything really going on, I prefer wearing a nice basic outfit.  We all know that websites like Zara, free people, artizia, boho, white fox take a while to deliver, but we all know they take ages. Thats where amazon is handy dandy. Below is my basic, yet cute, but still trendy spring go to outfit. 

Leather Is always a good idea, during the spring I like to incorporate colors. For that I like this red leather looking leggings. Since its a legging I recommend sticking to your size but if you’re in doubt size down. These have a wide variety of colors.

For the top, I found these super flattering shirts. (No one can have enough basic shirts). For this outfit in particular I prefer wearing a white top, just because I like how it looks with the white

Of course the weather in Nyc has its own mood swings, its better to bring a light weight outerwear jacket. Since shackest are in, I prefer paring it with a black and white plaid print. 

For the shoes, I would pair with it with any white pair of sneakers you have hidden in your closet. 

For any accessories that are worth spending your money, you can visit my favorite jewelry on my blog.


Nour xx

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