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How to style curtain bangs

If you have been thinking of changing up your hair game, but don’t want a drastic change go get those curtain bangs. I have a history of chopping off my hair or drastically changing it to a different color whenever I feel bored. YOU KNOW YOURSELF. Well, I grew up and matured, “for the most part. Curtain bangs have a long history of being worn by celebrities from Rihanna to queen of curtain bangs, Bridget Bardot. Different bangs look different on different faces. Unlike the OG bangs, curtain bangs are parted in the middle of your face and on each side it goes from short to long.

If you do decide to get curtain bangs you need to be sure you have time to blow dry them after every shower. (also something I did not think about when I went for that impulsive change). To be completely honest, it was a tremendous amount of work coming from someone who only knows how to curl or straighten their hair. But guess what, I have the solution…

TADAAAA the revlon blow dry brush.

This is my holy grail and it’s so worth the amount of money you’re spending. For those tik tok lovers out there, this brush has gone viral. I was in desperate need of an easy way to style my hair. Who has the time to use a brush and a hair brush? Not me. 

The revlon brush will make your hair look so silky and bouncy, like those 90s supermodel. I would think of it as the dupe of the dyson.

SInce i also made the drastic change to become blonde, also something you should not do if you don’t have time to take care of your hair.

For someone with mid-length hair and mid thick hair it takes me about 15 min to dry my hair.

You could obviously use it on wet hair, but i prefer to use a microfiber towel straight out of the bath to soak up that extra water. I know some of you might think this step is unimportant, but trust me it saves your hair’s life. LEAVE IN CONDITIONER OR OIL. I can’t stress enough of how important it is. I alternate between the olaplex no.7 or just a tiny bit of argan oil. I honestly prefer the olaplex 7 because its an oil and a heat protectant, and also happens to suit my hair. 

You just keep rotating and brushing your hair throughout and voilaaa you’re good to go

It’s so easy to just part your hair and brush through your hair until it becomes silky smooth. 

Overall, this will change your life forever especially if you’re too lazy. 

You can thank me later 🙂

au revoir,

nour xx

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