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Amazon jewelry without breaking the bank

Looking for jewelry that won’t break the bank? You’ve landed in the right place. Amazon has always been my go to for budget friendly jewelry. Its quick,easy and has thousands of different choices.For anyone that knows me I am a huge jewelry lover. I find it to be a way to always elevate your look, whether you’re going out with your friends or on a special occasion. Let’s be honest real jewelry is expensive. Who would want to spend 400 dollars on a bracelet anyways? When it comes to jewelry, I like to have options. If that means I get to buy 20 pieces of jewelry for the price of one investment you bet I will.

Without further ado, this is my jewelry selection

The first necklace is a statement gold letter necklace. This can be worn everyday by itself or stacked with a simple chain necklace for that elevated look. I like to wear this as an everyday necklace because whatever I wear it helps elevate my look and add that vintagy side to it. 

The second piece of jewelry is my all time favorite and my everyday ring. It is a gold plated stardust ring. This is a classic ring that can be worn at any occasion and just drastically lifts up your hand party. For this jewelry piece I would not recommend to have it near water because it is gold plated and it does tarnish.

Who does not love a good pair of chunky hoops. The upside, they are so lightweight you can barely feel them on your ear. They come in all sizes and they don’t tarnish. They can be worn everyday depending on your preferences.For every day earrings, I would recommend getting gold plated huggies. They are simple and minimal.

link for the letter necklace:

link for the ring:

link for the earrings:

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